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Our Heritage

Our Heritage: A Legacy of Love and Craftsmanship

As a child, I vividly remember the magical moments spent opening the old wooden chest, gazing at the baby clothes my mom had lovingly preserved. Those moments taught me the value of cherishing a few precious pieces over a mass of forgettable items. Today, I am a mother too, and it fills my heart with joy to see my darling daughter adorned in these timeless treasures. Watching her in my old clothes is an indescribable feeling that connects generations. 😊
My mother, an incredible woman, taught us the beauty in the smallest details that make a big difference in life. She treasured our childhood memories, from our first haircut to our playful drawings and innocent poems. I grew up wearing unique clothes, handcrafted with care by my mother and grandmother. Even in her youth, she understood the value of these handmade pieces, saving them for us to pass down to our own children.

At Cosybebe®, we aspire to offer you heirloom items that hold such sentimental value. Our journey to source the finest handmade pieces has led us to the amazing Anatolian women artisans. These women are true warriors, keeping traditions alive in our consumption-driven world. I am proud to stand beside them, supporting their efforts.

Join us at Cosybebe® in preserving these traditions, uplifting these remarkable women, and building a brighter future for us and our children. This deep-rooted passion is the heart of Cosybebe®.

Discover our lovingly crafted Handmade Collection  and become part of our story.

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