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Our Journey with Cosybebe®: A Family's Dream of Organic Babywear

Hello, I'm Yasemin, co-founder of Cosybebe®, a dream project born from the love and passion of my partner Cenk and me, inspired by our little Hana. Our journey is not just about building a family business; it’s about sharing our experiences and growing together with you. With each step we grow, we aim to enrich the lives of our customers, giving back more than we take.

Our dream is fueled by a deep passion for organic baby clothing that has become a pivotal part of our life. We believe in the excellence of our designs, the integrity of our production, and the quality of our fabrics. Like many parents, we initially struggled to find the right clothing for Hana – something adorable, supremely soft, healthy, yet reasonably priced. This quest led us back to our roots in Turkey, where we discovered several trustworthy brands committed to sustainable and ethical production of organic babywear, utilizing the finest local organic cotton.

Working with each supplier is a testament to attention to detail, reflecting in every product we choose. They are all family-owned businesses, just like us, devoted to creating quality garments that you can trust on your baby’s delicate skin.

We’ve embraced our cultural heritage, collaborating with Anatolian artisans to bring traditional hand-knit pieces and mulesing-free organic merino wool items into our collection. Our commitment extends to supporting handicraft and empowering women – a core value of our brand.

We're proud to offer these exceptional brands at affordable prices. Your support means the world to us, showing a collective sensibility towards the future of our planet and our little ones.

Join us in this movement to respect nature. It's time to reevaluate our bond with the environment and opt for a sustainable lifestyle. With Cosybebe®, embark on a journey that cherishes our roots, respects our planet, and treasures the purity of childhood.

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