The Heritage

When I was a little girl, I remember the exciting ceremony of opening the old wooden chest and delightfully looking at my baby clothing which my mom neatly kept. I grew up with this mindset, knowing it is much nicer to have a few but precious pieces rather than owning a bulk of worthless stuff. Now I have a lovely daughter who can wear these timeless beauties. Words fall short to describe this feeling. My daughter is wearing my old clothes 😊
My mother is a great woman. She has been a loving mother, showing us small but important details that make big difference in life. She liked collecting things from our childhood. She kept the first hair cut from our soft baby hair. She kept our drawings and poems. I had unique clothes that were handmade by my mother and grandmother. Despite her young age, she knew how precious those handmade pieces were, so she kept them for years to show us, to give them back to us when we grow up and have children.
We wanted to give people something they would love to keep for their children as heirloom items. We worked very hard to find the best handmade pieces and made with love by very talented Anatolian women who are warriors trying to keep the traditions alive in this world of consumption. I love being on their side, trying to support their efforts.
Come and join our world to protect those traditions, support those brave women and create a better life, a bright future for us and our children.
This is the motivation behind cosybebe®.
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